Best new icons of 2022

Helena Zhang
4 min readJan 1, 2023

Icon designers have been busy this year. Major platforms like Spotify and Twitter overhauled their icon systems for better readability, consistency, and brand resonance. Long-standing icon libraries like Streamline and Font Awesome continued to expand their offering. Independent icon designers surprised me with new unique styles.

Here are my top 5 favorite new releases from 2022.

Chunk 2 by Noah Jacobus

The chonkiest set out there. A playfully drawn angular set by icon sommelier Noah Jacobus. They are just so good. The bevels!

Some of my favorite glyphs from Chunk, from arrows to animals
Fresh additions to Chunk, from chess pieces to numerals (Source)

Category icons from Airbnb

Alana Hanada and Ashley Seo collaborated on this delightful set for Airbnb to power a more inspired browsing experience through categories like A-frames and Earth homes. Here’s an instance where icons really make the interface. It wouldn’t be the same — functionally and emotionally — without an icon anchoring each text label.

Discover places to stay with categories like Camping, Surfing, and Desert (Source)